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LoPy nano gateway and Thethingsnetwork

In this page, We are going to:

Thethingsnetwork Server

  • Register Account
1. Go to TheThingsNetwork
2. Enter username, email and password
3. Click "Create Account"
4. Then Follow instruction to verify your email-address
  • Setup Gateway
1. Go to TheThingsNetwork Console
2. Click on Gateway
3. Click "register gateway"
4. Select "package forwarder
5. Enter Gateway EUI
   (Note: To get Device EUI. Execute these code in LoPy. Reference)
     from network import LoRa
     import binascii
     lora = LoRa(mode=LoRa.LORAWAN)
6. Enter Description
7. Select Frequency Plan
8. Enter Location
9. Select Antenna Placment
10. Click Register Gateway
  • Change Gateway Setting
1. Go to Gateways Page
2. Click on the gateway that just created.
3. Click "Setting"
4. In "Router" Field. Enter the following: router.eu.thethings.network:1700
   (Note: We want to forward our package from LoPy Nano Gateway to "router.eu.thethings.network:1700" the other router may not work)
5. Click "Update Gateway"


  • Update firmware to 1.6.7.b1
1. Follow the official LoPy upgrade guide Firmware-Upgrade
  • Download LoPy Nano Gateway Code
1. Go to LoPy Github
2. Download the file: main.py, config.py and nanogateway.py
  • Change config.py configuration
1. Open and edit "config.py" file
2. Update GATEWAY_ID to Device EUI.
   WIFI_SSID to ssid of wireless access point.
   WIFI_PASS to password of wireless access point.
3. Save the file
  • Upload main.py, config.py and nanogateway.py to "flash" directory of LoPy.
1. Via FTP: Follow this Pycom-Filesystem
  • Reset the LoPy

After reset the LoPy we should see the gateway status in Gateways Page to connected. Then we can create Application, Register Device, and test ABP or OTAA code in github example code


These page follow example from:

1. LoPy LoRaWan Nano-Gateway Guide
2. The Things Network Gateway Registration Guide