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How to manage authorized users

1. Connect to django admin :

2. Add a user by visiting users section: Fill in the username and the password and the confirmed password. The username will be used for all the applications of Infosec Team. For consistency, the choice of the username should be identical to the UNamur eid.

3. Once the user is added, go to the user section and click on that user. From there user personal information such as first name, last name and email can be filled in. The two options below have to be checked:

  • To activate the user, check the box Active. This will allow the user to log in to other applications
  • Staff status will allow the user to log in to admin site to change their password.

4. To deactivate a user, uncheck the boxes Active and Staff status.

How to add an admin user to the application ?

1. Connect to django admin

2. Go to "Users" section

3. Change to user information to add him staff or super user status

Add oauth application

You can add a oauth application by going to :

Please note that, when configuring client application, you should use these urls for oauth :

Trailing slashes are mandatory