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FEDER-IDEES Research objective

In this section, we provide a short summary of the IDEES project. The short summary can be found in the link below.


FEDER_IDEES State of the art

This section talks about the state of the art of the security and risk issues in the Internet of Things and the existing solutions to the issues. The summary of our study is presented in the presentation slides given in the link below.

FEDER_IDEES Access Control requirements

In this section, we define the access control requirements for IoT system and smart home in particular. The definition of access control requirements is done based on two important aspects: the legal and technical requirements. The detailed of access control requirements technical report can be found in the link below.

FEDER_IDEES Access control model and implementation

This section dedicates to the design of the access control model for IoT and smart home system. The proposed access control model is constructed based on the access control requirements defined in the previous section. This proposed access control model takes into account different security and privacy aspects involving in the access control process. The model named privacy and risk-aware access control model is proposed. One can find the detailed of the model in the link below.

To be able to validate the access control policies derived from the proposed model, we develop the access control system based on that model. This access control system is developed based on the standard XACML access control markup language.

FEDER_IDEES IoT system modelling

In order to validate proposed access control system, a real IoT system supporting different IoT access scenarios is required. We model the smart home system where developed access control system is integrated. The general smart home architecture supporting access control system is represented in the technical report accessible in the link below.

FEDER_IDEES Smart home system modelling and prototyping

FEDER_IDEES IoT technologies testing and experimentation

FEDER_IDEES Publications