IDEE-FEDER project Introduction

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IDEE-FEDER Project: task T1.3.4 description

The objective of task (T1.3.4) is to define the access control model, which can be used to express the access control policies in the wide range of access scenarios in IoTs system infrastructure. The works included:

  • Modelling an IoT infrastructure and defining the requirements needed for the development and deployment of such infrastructure.
  • Defining the access scenarios in IoTs for different domains such as, smart home and healthcare system, then, defining IoTs system architecture taking into account the defined scenarios and requirements
  • Based on the defined IoTs infrastructure and defined scenarios, define the access control requirements based upon which access control model is derived.
  • Developing the access control system, based on the defined model, which can be used to validate the access control policies in IoTs system.
  • Developing the IoTs system based on the define IoTs architecture. The development of access control module is also included in this task.
  • Integrating/incorporating access control module to IoTs system.
  • Testing and validating the IoTs system against the defined requirements and scenarios.
  • Meeting and scientific dissemination:
    • Project follow-up meeting
    • Project reports and results dissemination
    • Meeting with project partners and scientific communities.
    • Participating the scientific conferences and seminars