RPI power management in MAAS with MAAS's Webhook and Node-RED controlled PoE managed switch

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MAAS work by managing machines with netboot, and in order for machines to perform netboot any time MAAS needed. It need to be able to control the power state of the machines. MAAS support a wide ranges of power control types: such as Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) which support by machine's Baseboard management controller (BMC). However, the RPI does not come with such feature. Though, in order to allow MAAS to managed power cycle of the RPI, additional setup is required.


MAAS PoE RPi.drawio.png

MAAS have a webhook that we can configure to run when MAAS need to power the machine as well as when it want to query the power status of the machines. And our managed PoE switch has the HTTP API server to manage the setting of the switch. However, since the two aren't compatible we have create a Node-RED flow that will transform the request from MAAS to the PoE switch.


Our RPi cluster is powered by PoE switch with the RPI PoE hat add-on. Though is is possible to control the power of the RPI by control the power flow through the PoE port on the switch directly.

Create PoE control API with Node-RED