Outdoor Gateway

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The Things Outdoor Gateways

Hardware Assembly

Gateway Assembly

Ttn outdoor gateways hardware picture1.png

Antenna Assembly

Antenna assembly page 1.jpg Antenna assembly page 2.jpg

Gateway Mount

Gateway mount picture 1.pngGateway mount picture 2.png Gateway mount picture 3.pngGateway mount picture 4.png

Device Information and configurations

More information is available at: forge.infosec.unamur.be

Hardware Information

  • Model number: WAPS-323N_lW
  • Frequency: 868M-08-M-EU
  • MAC Address:
  • IP Address:
  • Gateways EUI:

Firmware Information

Network Server Configuration

  • Address: eu1.cloud.thethings.network
  • Uplink/downlink port: 1700

Management Interface / Http Server Configuration

  • Address: http://
  • Username: xxx
  • Password: xxx

SSH Configuration

  • Address:
  • Port:
  • Method: public key
  • Users:

Firewall Configuration