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**[[PdS18MovieMistakes|PdS'18 : Movie Mistakes]]
**[[PdS18MovieMistakes|PdS'18 : Movie Mistakes]]
** [[Infra:snowwhite|SnowWhite Infrastructure]]
** [[Infra:snowwhite|SnowWhite Infrastructure]]
* [[IoT|Internet of Things]]
** [[Iotprojects|Projects]]
** [[FEDER-IDEE publication|FEDER-IDEE Research Publications]]
** [[FEDER-IDEE PAP: Policy Administration Point|FEDER-IDEE Policy Administration Point (PAP)]]
** [[FEDER-IDEE mega_hub: IoT mega hub design and specification|IoT mega hub design and specification]]
** [[IDEE-FEDER project planning|IDEE project planning]]
** [[IoT-infrastructure-modelling|IOT system modelling]]
** [[XACML-PAP-modelling| A voice-based XACML PAP for IOT system]]
**[[FEDER:Access Control Requirements in IoT|Access Control Requirements in IoT]]
**[[FEDER:Access Control Model in IoT| Access Control Model in IoT]]
**[[Working with micro-controller IDEs| Arduino IDE and PyMakr: Working with ESP 8266 and LoPy]]
**[[LoPy as Nano Gateway: configuration]]
**[[FEDER:ESP8266 Experimentation|Experiments with Wifi network and ESP8266 Huzzah feather]]
**[[FEDER:Lora Network Installation|Experiments with Lora network: Raspberry Pi and iC880A-USB]]
**[[FEDER: Survey: IoTs Security: Treats and Risk Analysis| Survey: IoTs Security: Treats and Risk Analysis]]
**[[FEDER: MQTT: Different implementations| MQTT Implementations]]
**[[LoPy| LoPy:Lorawan signal test]]
**[[LoPy-nano-gateway-wan-public| LoPy nano gateway and Thethingsnetwork]]
**[[LoPy-nano-gateway-wan-private| LoPy nano gateway and private lora network service (lora-server)]]
**[[LoPy-nano-gateway-wan-private architecture| LoPy nano gateway and private lora network service (lora-server) architecture]]
**[[TTN architecture| TTN architecture backend]]
**[[Lora-Indoor gateway| Indoor Loragateways]]
**[[Setup IC880A-SPI (LoRaWAN concentrator) on Raspberry Pi 3]]
**[[GAP Bluetooth Low Energy]]
**[[GATT Bluetooth Low Energy]]
**[[bluepy: Python interface to Bluetooth LE on Linux]]
**[[Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE: BLE GAP]]
**[[Custom GAP advertising packet]]
**[[BLE proxy]]
**[[LoRa proxy]]
**[[Install All Components]]
**[[Micropython on Adafruit Huzzah esp8266]]
* [[Client App Design]]
**[[Scenario & Sequence Diagram]]
**[[Interface Design]]
**[[Secure web app implementation for IoT system]]
**[[Usage guideline: secure web app for IoT system]]

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