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Research Topic

Design and implementation Meta Hub


Test request and respond Hue Bridge, Hue:[1]

      1. Make sure the connections are the same network.
      2. Find IP of Hue on the network.
      3. Normally to connect Hue Bridge required to create username.
          a. Create username in Hue
              Address:http://<bridge IP address>/api/; Example
              Methode: POST
              Body: {"devicetype":"my_hue_app#iphone Savet"}
          b. Hue with return the message error in JSON formate "link button not pressed"
          c. Go to pressed link button on Hue
          d. Send request again you will got success message from Hue with username ID; Example: pAH0aYzrouoeq3Kn0D8qV1js9QebHiy5lq7QPka
      4. Testing with Hue
          a. Find lights by address "http://<bridge ip address>/api/username/lights
          b. Method GET"
          c. You will got all lights are connected with Hue
          d. Suppos I have a light with id "lamp1" than I want to open or close this light.
              i. Find information of this light from address "http://<bridge ip address>/api/username/lights/light_id"
              ii. Method GET
              iii. Turn on or turn off light: address "http://<bridge ip address>/api/username/lights/light_id/state"
              iv. Method PUT
              v. Body:{"on":false}